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These 2 did an amazing job in my home - it is sparkling and smells beautiful. My windows look fantastic and my cupboards are so shiny and clean. Alex and Galina were fabulous. Not only were they professional, courteous, and extremely hard working; they were lovely people to have in to my home. I will use them again and again and again. I look forward to the next time. Thank you Alex and Galina!!!!!


Boise, ID

Great people. Great attention to detail!! Will ask for them again.

C. Cary

Boise, ID

Excellent! Already booked them again!

Maggie Williams

Boise, ID

Alex and Galina did a great job on my move out cleaning. My apartment landlord was impressed too, no additional charge for cleaning. Even the trash cans got a good scrub.

Cong Z

Boise, ID

Fabulous communication and wonderful service. Would use again.


Boise, ID

Alex and Galina did a fabulous job. I couldn't be more please with their work. Lovely people, hardworking. I will definitely use them again.

Jodi Watson

Boise, ID

These folks did a great job! My house has not been this clean in 5 years - really great service, really nice and hardworking people - Highly recommend!!!

Philip John McKay

Boise, ID

Alex and Galina do a great job!  I asked them to focus on the downstairs only and clean the kitchen, bathrooms and floors.  Not only did they clean my stove better than I've ever been able to, they cleaned out my microwave and even flipped over the chairs at my dining room table and took all the dog-fluff off the bottom of each felt pad on the chair legs.  I'll definitely ask them to come back!

Marlene R.

Boise, ID

Amazing! I just came home and my house is so clean and smells so good! I’ve used them twice now and will continue to use their services 😁 I highly recommend them!

Samantha Bailey

Boise, ID

Alex and Galina are fantastic! They arrived early and stayed late. My family has a sensitivity to certain cleaners and they were happy to use the ones I set out for them. Very polite, very professional, and very thorough. I would recommend them to anyone!

Roni Salazar

Boise, ID

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